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Sarah Hears Strange Voices in the Jungle

Sarah finds herself clinging for life aboard a small boat that is being tossed about by a raging storm in the Flores Sea. Sarah is an attractive young lady and a leading authority on the study of the great apes but she is questioning her own sanity for having taken this journey. This is one of many trips Sarah has made to assist her academic mentor but this trip takes a decidedly wrong turn when the boat's engine dies forcing her and her guides to seek shelter on a small, uncharted island in the Flores Sea.

As the guides repair the motor of their stranded boat, Sarah wanders off from the beach, heading to the woods to observe the local bird population. While she is sitting in the woods she suddenly feels as if she is being watched. Sarah is not easily scared, since she has spent many days alone in the wild while observing her beloved chimps and gorillas. But this experience is entirely different to her and she begins to feels a strange presence closing in about her. Then she actually hears the presence! Strange human-like voices, much like the mumbling's of the damned, begin to fill her ears coming from all directions. Sarah is terrified but paralyzed with fear as they begin to surround her. In the distance Sarah can hear the guides frantically searching for her but they are too late to rescue...

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Flores Girl
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The free Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Trilogy continues...

As a typhoon bears down on Flores Island Sarah is forced to return to the states alone, broken-hearted and without Richard. A careless traffic accident leaves her hospitalized and completely defenseless. As sinister forces learn of her discovery they begin to systematically torture her both physically and mentally in an effort to learn of her island secrets.

Just as Sarah reaches the breaking point she begins a psychic odyssey that will take her on an incredible spiritual journey as she discovers just who she is and who she is capable of becoming. From her weakness will come strength for Sarah as her adventure continues and she learns of Richard's sad fate on Irmã Flores.


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